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What themes are explored in the poem?

Reality of Conflict
Power of Humans
Memory and Individual Experience


Name some good quotes.

"Into the jaws of hell rode the six hundred."
"Noble rode the six hundred."
"Cannon to the right of them, cannon to the left of them."
"When can their glory fade, oh wild charge they made!"


How does this poem glorify war and use evidence.

It says "When can their glory fade?" This makes it seem like their actions are honourable and glorious despite them being in a battlefield hurting other people.

It is also frequently reiterated that these men are "noble" which reinforces this idea within us and we can better picture this epic scene as these men go to battle.


How is language used to create the scene of battle and allow us to better picture it as a reader or listener?

The men appear to be completely immersed in battle as it says "cannon to the left of them, cannon to the right of them." This makes them seem surrounded by gunfire and shots but due to their bravery and courage they are overcoming all odds and surviving this terrible ordeal.


How do connotations of the bible make their way into the poem?

It is written that they rode into the jaws of hell. This is perhaps hinting that these men may go to heaven for their glorious actions as hell is frequently mentioned but it may just be for effect as we picture hell as a terrible place and this allows us to better understand the awful location in which the soldiers are fighting.