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An entity that might exist in the typical goods-producing supply chain between a distribution center and the customers is a

Retail store


Supply chains that focus on efficiency are best suited for goods and services with all of the following characteristics except

Significant customization


The process of delaying product customization until the product is closer to the customer at the end of the supply chain is called



Managing the flow of finished goods, material, or components that may be unusable or discarded through the supply chain from customers toward suppliers, distributors, or manufacturers for the purpose of reuse, resale, or disposal is known as

Reverse logistics


The 'perfect order fulfillment' metric is associated with which supply chain performance category?

Delivery reliability


The bullwhip effect results from ________ in the supply chain

Order amplification


A phenomenon that occurs when each member of a supply chain "orders up" to buffer its own inventory is called

Order amplification


The location of a facility that minimizes the weighted distance between the facility and its supply and demand points is called the

Center of gravity


Managing a supply chain requires numerous operational decisions including all of the following except

Locating facilities


Outsourcing the inventory management function in supply chains to suppliers is known as