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Relative Pronoun


 Masculine  Feminine  Neuter       
nom quī ; quae ; quod (who/which/what)
gen cuius ; cuius ; cuius (whose/of whom/which/what)
dat cui ; cui ; cui (to/for whom/which/what)
acc quem ; quam ; quod (whom/which/what)
abl quō ; quā ; quō (by/with/from whom/which/what)


Relative (and Interrogative) Pronoun


 Masculine  Feminine  Neuter 
nom quī ; quae ; quae  
gen quōrum ; quārum ; quōrum  
dat quibus ; quibus ; quibus  
acc quōs ; quās ; quae  
abl quibus ; quibus ; quibus 


Relative Pronoun


nominative quī; quae; quod / quī; quae; quae
genitive cuius; cuius; cuius / quōrum; quārum; quōrum
dative cui; cui; cui / quibus; quibus; quibus
accusative quem; quam; quod / quōs; quās; quae
ablative quō; quā; quō / quibus; quibus; quibus


Interrogative Pronoun


nominative quis
genitive cuius
dative cui
accusative quem
ablative quō


Interrogative Pronoun


nominative  quid
genitive  cuius
dative  cui
accusative  quid
ablative  quō


Reflexive Pronoun

Reflects/refers to the third person subject, WHATEVER the subject is--he/she/it/they. 

[sg. & pl.]

nominative —
genitive suī
dative sibi
accusative sē
ablative sē


Intensive Pronoun



 M.; F.; N.;
Nominative ipse; ipsa; ipsum
Genitive ipsīus; ipsīus; ipsīus
Dative ipsī; ipsī; ipsī
Accusative ipsum; ipsam; ipsum
Ablative ipsō; ipsā; ipsō


Intensive Prornoun



 M.; F.; N.;
Nominative ipsī; ipsae; ipsa
Genitive ipsōrum; ipsārum; ipsōrum
Dative ipsīs; ipsīs; ipsīs
Accusative ipsōs; ipsās; ipsa
Ablative ipsīs; ipsīs; ipsīs