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Duties of President (7)

- commander in chief
- appoint heads of executive departments
- make treaties, with approval of Senate
- meets with heads of state
- host foreign officials
- hire ambassadors
- enforce laws


Order of Succession

president pro tempore --> Speaker of the House --> Vice President --> President


3 main duties of Vice President

- acts as tie breaker for the House
- helps decide if president is disabled
- participate in policy discussions and special assignments


Electoral College

provided that each state would choose electors who would vote for 2 presidential candidates (1st = President, 2nd = VP)


25th Amendment

deals with succession to the Presidency and establishes procedures both for filling a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, as well as responding to Presidential disabilities


winner takes all

makes it possible for a candidates who loses the popular vote to win the electoral vote


Major Factors in Making Cabinet Appointments (4)

- background that is compatible with department he or she will head
- president's need to satisfy powerful interest groups that have a stake in a departments's policies
- have high level administrative skills and experience
- race, gender, ethnic background


Factors Limiting the Cabinet's Role (2)

- conflicting loyalties
- secrecy and trust


3 reasons why the organization and growth of executive office agencies have grown so rapidly

- every president has reorganized, adding new agencies or expanding existing ones
- problems are so complex, presidents have wanted experts available to advice them
- federal programs require executive departments and agencies to work together


The Office of Management and Budget

prepares the national budget that the president proposes to Congress each year


The National Security Council

advises the president about foreign policy


The National Homeland Security Council

coordinates all federal agencies working to counter terrorism in the US


The Council of Economic Advisers (3)

- assesses the nation's economic health
- predicts future economic conditions
- aids other executive agencies involved with economic planning


Office of Economic Opportunity

help implement domestic programs


Domestic Policy Council

helps president plan and carry out long range policies in domestic policies


National Economic Counsel

long range economic policies


Office of Environmental Policy

advises president on environmental issues


Duties of the White House Staff (4)

- gather info and provide advice about key issues facing the president
- try to make sure the executive agencies and departments carry out key directives from president
- present president's views to the outside world
- write the president thousands of reports and memos