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First person personal pronoun

nominative ego; nōs
genitive meī; nostrī, nostrum
dative mihi; nōbīs
accusative mē; nōs
ablative mē; nōbīs


First person personal pronoun


nominative ego
genitive meī
dative mihi
accusative mē
ablative mē


First person personal pronoun


nominative nōs
genitive nostrī, nostrum
dative nōbīs
accusative nōs
ablative nōbīs


Second person

nominative tū; vōs
genitive tuī; vestrī, vestrum
dative tibi; vōbīs
accusative tē; vōs
ablative tē; vōbīs
vocative tū; vōs


Second person


nominative tū
genitive tuī
dative tibi
accusative tē
ablative tē
vocative tū


Second person


nominative vōs
genitive vestrī, vestrum
dative vōbīs
accusative vōs
ablative vōbīs
vocative vōs


he she it


[sg.] m; f; n
nominative is; ea; id
genitive eius; eius; eius
dative eī; eī; eī
accusative eum; eam; id
ablative eō; eā; eō


they / those / these


 [pl.] M; F; N
nominative eī; eae; ea
genitive eōrum; eārum; eōrum
dative eīs; eīs; eīs
accusative eōs; eās; ea
ablative eīs; eīs; eīs


this one here / this one


[sg.] M; F; N
Nominative hic; haec; hoc
Genitive huius; huius; huius
Dative huic; huic; huic
Accusative hunc; hanc; hoc
Ablative hōc; hāc; hōc


these ones here / these ones


[pl.]  M; F; N
Nominative hī; hae; haec
Genitive hōrum; hārum; hōrum
Dative hīs; hīs; hīs
Accusative hōs; hās; haec
Ablative hīs; hīs; hīs


that one of yours / that one


 [sg.] M. F. N.
Nominative iste ista istud
Genitive istīus istīus istīus
Dative istī istī istī
Accusative istum istam istud
Ablative istō istā istō


those ones of your / those ones


 [pl.] M.; F.; N.
Nominative istī; istae; ista
Genitive istōrum; istārum; istōrum
Dative istīs; istīs; istīs
Accusative istōs; istās; ista
Ablative istīs; istīs; istīs


that one there / that one

[sg.] M.;  F.;  N.
Nominative ille; illa; illud
Genitive illīus; illīus; illīus
Dative illī; illī; illī
Accusative illum; illam; illud
Ablative illō; illā; illō


those ones there / those ones

[pl.] M.;  F.;  N.
Nominative illī; illae; illa
Genitive illōrum; illārum; illōrum
Dative illīs; illīs; illīs
Accusative illōs; illās; illa
Ablative illīs; illīs; illīs


Reflexive Pronoun

Reflects/refers to the third person subject, WHATEVER the subject is--he/she/it/they.  

[sg. & pl.]

nominative —
genitive suī
dative sibi
accusative sē
ablative sē


Intensive Pronoun



 M.; F.; N.;
Nominative ipse; ipsa; ipsum
Genitive ipsīus; ipsīus; ipsīus
Dative ipsī; ipsī; ipsī
Accusative ipsum; ipsam; ipsum
Ablative ipsō; ipsā; ipsō


Intensive Prornoun



 M.; F.; N.;
Nominative ipsī; ipsae; ipsa
Genitive ipsōrum; ipsārum; ipsōrum
Dative ipsīs; ipsīs; ipsīs
Accusative ipsōs; ipsās; ipsa
Ablative ipsīs; ipsīs; ipsīs