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What are the 5 steps in the performance management process?

1. Defining performance expectations and goals;
2. providing ongoing feedback and coaching;
3. conducting performance appraisal and evaluation discussions;
4. determining performance rewards/consequences, and;
5. conducting development and career opportunities discussions.


Describe 5 performance appraisal methods and the pros/cons of each.

See chart on page 185.

1. Graphic rating scales -
2. Alternation ranking -
3. Paired comparison -
4. Narrative forms -
5. Forced distribution -
6. Critical incident method -
7. BARS -
8. MBO -


Appraisal problems to be aware of.
pg. 231

1. unclear standards
2. halo effect
3. central tendency
4. leniency or strictness
5. appraisal bias
6. recency effect
7. similar-to-me bias


360 degree appraisal.

Performance information is collected from the individual being appraised, his or her supervisor, other employees reporting to the person being appraised, and customers. This approach supports the activities of performance appraisal, coaching, leadership development, succession planning, and employee rewards and recognition.


3 types of appraisal interviews.

1. performance is unsatisfactory but correctable
2. satisfactory but promotion not possible
3. satisfactory and promotable


Performance appraisal process.

1. defining performance expectations and standards
2. appraising employee performance by comparing actual performance to expectations
3. providing feedback to employees and planning future development


Some appraisals fail due to:

see slides


How to avoid Rater Errors

see slides


How to conduct the appraisal interview.

5 points - see slide


How to handle a defensive employee.

see slide


Legal and ethical issues.

6 points - see slides


Progressive Discipline - increasing levels of penalty.

verbal warning
written warning
Depending on infraction or #of infractions you may not start at verbal.


Elements of Warnings

May need to write a warning for the Midterm 2.

1. Clear statement of wrongdoing.
2 Expectations of future behaviour
3. Unambiguous warning - see slide...

For the EE File:
Draft a verbal warning
Draft a written warning
Draft a suspension warning
Draft a termination