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what is ionization?

ionization is the process of forming ions
- the reaction can go in either direction


What happens during the ionization of water?

- a hydrogen breaks away and becomes a positively charged hydrogen ion that combines with water to form a hydronium ion
- the hydrogen ion remaining in the OH group shares an electron with an oxygen forming a negatively charged hydroxide ion


What are acids?

acids produce hydrogen and hydronium ions in water-based solutions and have a positive charge


What are bases?

bases produce hydroxide ions in water based solutions and have a negative charge


What are neutral substances?

acids and bases form a compound with ionic bonds, called Salts
- neutral substances have a balance of positive and negative substances


How do bases feel?

bases feel slippery


How do bases taste?

bases have a bitter taste


what do acids taste like?

acids have a sour taste


What are organic dyes?

are colour pigments that change colour with the presence of acids or bases
-bases tun litmus paper blue and acids turn it red


Like organic dyes acids and bases do what?

acids and bases affect fruits and vegetables like organic dyes
- green vegetables turn brighter in when a base is added during cooking


What is a pH Scale?

expressed the degree of c