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Who did the Glorious Revolution bring to England's throne?

James II


What king became France's most powerful ruler and boasted, "I am the State"?

Louis IX


By the end of the 1600's what had England's system of government become?

A constitutional Monarchy


Why did Peter the Great build the city of St. Petersburg?

He wanted a city on a seaport that would make it easier to travel to the West


European monarchs become absolute monarchs in response to?

religious and territorial conflicts that caused warfare and revolts


Who did the Restoration "restore" to power in England?

The Catholics


What did Fredrick the Great believe a ruler should be?

A father to his people


What was Peter the Great the first Russian ruler to make an effort to do?

Westernize Russia


How did the economy of central Europe differ from that of Western Europe?

Organize and utilize a secret police force


What problem helped to weaken the Spanish Empire?

Spain experienced a period of severe inflation and heavy taxes


What was one reason Ivan IV was called Ivan the Terrible?

He organized a police force that murdered people he considered traitors


How did the United Providences of the Netherlands differ from neighboring states?

It had elected governors whose power depended on landowners and merchants


What event led to the War of Spanish Succession?

Charles II made Louis XIV's grandson his heir, adding to Bourbon power


In the mid-1600's the group that was the LEAST dependent on the labor of serfs?

The nations of Western Europe


Fredrick the II came to power as the...

King of Prussia


The war of the Austrian Succession was fought over the possession of the lands belonging to...

Maria Theresa


At the time that Peter the Great took the throne, the most essential part of the Russian economy was...



The Seven Years' War resulted in...

No exchange of territories in Europe


Peter the Great's main reason for visiting the West was to...

Learn about Western customs and technology


The first Russian ruler to adopt the title czar, meaning "Cesar" was...

Ivan the Terrible


In Russia, the boyars were...

Landowning nobles


What were some of the most important political changes that resulted from the Glorious Revolution?

-The event was important to the lives of many English people in the 1600's
-bloodless overthrow of King James II
-CAUSE: the offense the English people took from the King displaying his religion of Catholicism

Event #1: England became a Constitutional Monarchy and the King's power was being severely limited due to the Act of Parliament
-Parliament had the most political power , was responsible for all policies, and running the country.

Event #2: The Cabinet System
-Members in the Cabinet act in the rulers names but in reality they represent the majority party in the Cabinet
-Link between the monarch and the majority party in the Parliament

Event #3: Bill of Rights
-document that listed many things that a ruler can't do and it cleared the limits on royal power.