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Computerized physician order entry (CPOE)

(P. 64 and 586)

Prescriptions are type into the computer by the prescriber, printed and signed or sent directly to the pharmacy.


Conversion of units

(P. 66, 67 and 586)

Changing from one system of measurement to another.


Electronic medication administration record (eMAR)

(P. 64 and 587)

Medication administration record in electronic medical record.


e-prescribing (eRx)

(P. 64 and 587)

The manner in which medications are ordered through the electronic medical record.


Household system

(P. 65 and 589)

The least accurate way of measuring medications, examples include teaspoons, ounces and pints.


Medical abbreviations

(P. 59 and 590)

Symbols used for medication orders.


Metric system

(P. 65 and 591)

International standard for weights and measures.

• preferred system of measurement and is used at the present time.


Telephone order (TO)

(P. 64 and 595)

In order for treatment medication via the phone. Some agencies allow only certain Healthcare practitioners to take telephone orders. All phone orders should be read back for accuracy, and a physician must sign the order within 24 hours.


Medication orders contains 6 parts.

(P. 61)

1. Date/ times that the order was taken
2. Patient's name
3. Medication name
4. Dosage and/or amount of medication
5. Route or manner of Administration (e.g. oral, Subcutaneous)
6. Directions for youth, including time to be administered and/or frequency