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What is the time series analysis (average annual change) formula?

Last figure - first figure / no of changes (NOT YEARS)


What is the purpose of time series analysis?

To analysis past and present numerical data trends over a period.


what is the linear regression formula?

Y = M x X + C

Y - forecast
M - increase
X - no of time changes
C - starting value

Also shown as Y = A + B x X


What’s the definition of long term cycles?

Slow moving variations that may be caused by economic cycles or social trends.


What is the formula to seasonal variations?

Y = T + S

Y - actual data
T - trend
S - seasonal variation


What does deseasonalised data mean?

Data from which the seasonal variations (trend) have been removed.


What is the index calculation?

Forecast price = historical price X (expected/forecast index / historical index)