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Agency Jurisdiction TA Article 4-208

code creates the MDTA Police Force


2.1 Required Actions

An officer exercising extra- jurisdictional authority under this directive, whether acting on- duty or off- duty


2.1.1 Act in conformance with ___ ___

the law


2.1.17 Complete and other ____, _____, or ________ required by the MDTA Police Force

forms, reports or documents


2.1.18 Incidents

As soon as possible notify the on duty shift supervisor of your assigned detachment/ unit and the nature of the incident, nature of the response by the police officer, the time of the incident, the local jurisdiction in which the incident took place and request the shift supervisor of the designee to make the appropriate notifications


3.2 Notification Requirement

The on- duty supervisor or designee shall make notifications to the appropriate command staff as outlined in the serious accident/ incident notification procedures