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what are some naturally-occurring asymmetries between the right and left hemispheres

-left hemisphere is shifted posterior

-right hemisphere shifted anterior


Broca's Aphasia

-slow halting speech
-problems in speech production
-short not full sentences

-but understands what is being said to them or what they want to say


Wernicke's Aphasia

-fluent nonsensical speech
-problems in speech comprehension
-difficulty in producing comprehendible language

-patients don't have a strong awareness that they are not producing effectively


split brain patients ...what does their testing reveal

-Patients that have had a callosotomy (serving of corpus callosum) as a last resort to treat seizure disorders

-The hemispheres of their brains are now disconnected

-Upon testing, they show interesting behavioral differences between right and left hemisphere functions


describe the relationship between handedness and language lateralization

-righthanders have speech on left
-lefthandershave speech on right


3 functions commonly attributed the right hemisphere

-musical ability
-memory for shapes
-left hand motor control
-intuitive, nonverbal thought


what does Broca's and Wernicke's Aphasia tell us about lateralization in the brain

-that the left hemisphere has the ability to understand and comprehend but lacks the ability to verbalize it


what is thee evolutionary advantage of hemispheric specialization

-humans can multitask and have the ability to do more tasks at once

-increases survival


what do split brain patients show us about consciousness ? about lateralization

-consciousness: is complicated, there might be a difference btw verbal consciousness and nonverbal consciousness, different types of consciousness

-lateralization: shows us the differences btw the left and right hemisphere, show us that connections btw our brains can messes up


are the analogous parts of the right and left hemisphere doing the same thing?

-yes, can study this by comparing left hemisphere strokes to right hemisphere strokes


are creative people right-brained and analytical people left-brained ?

right-brained/left-brained is not a thing