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2.1 Code of Ethics

All personnel will comply with the Public Ethics Law, Maryland Annotated Code, State Government Article, Title 15 Subtitle 5. New employees will receive and sign a copy of the law. It can be found at http://tsonet/Secretarys_office/Human_Resource%20Homepage/indes/html. Ethics training will be conducted for all personnel at least once every 2 years


1.1 Local Courts

From time to time, the local courts may limit police authority to enforce State statutes and local ordinances. (Parking enforcement, handling juvenile offenders, issue summons instead of arrest, animal control)


4.3 Miranda Rights

apply when police personnel initiate custodial questioning/ interrogation. Agency personnel are not obligated to stop an individual who spontaneously offers information and/ or a confession, regardless of the custodial situation. The courts have held that the police may inject an essential question for the purpose of clarification and/ or keeping the individual from straying from the original topic. Should the situation gravitate to questions and answers, Miranda would be required


4.3 Miranda vs Arizona 384 US 436 (1966)

Based on Fifth Amendment- self incrimination and interrogation/ question