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What is a sole proprietorship?

it's when a business is owned by a single individual


How big are Sole proprietorship?

They tend to be small Retail businesses or businesses where the owner provides most of the services to his clients


What is a Partnership?

It's when a number of owners join together and create one business


What is a partnership agreement?

its when all partners sign and establish rules about how the business is going to be run


What is an example of a partnership?

Law Firms and accounting firms


What must the bookkeeper do when it comes to sole proprietorship?

include only those accounts that relate directly to the business


What must the bookkeeper do when it comes to Partnership

you must keep the records of the partnership separate from each of the partners personal records


What is a corporation?

a business owned by one or more individuals who are known as shareholders?


What are the shareholders responsibilities?

responsible for debts of the company is limited to the amount they invested in the company


What are Board of Directors?

they oversee the management of the company


What do Capital accounts represent?

The amount of owners equity for each partner


What are Drawing accounts?

are used to record the amounts withdrawn by each partner


What is the Income Summary Account?

is used in the closing process for transferring the balances of the revenue and expense account to the partners capital accounts


What are the two accounts in Shareholders Equity?

Share Capital Accounts and Retained Earnings


What are share Capital accounts?

they are accounts in which you would record the amount invested in the business by shareholders


What are Retained earnings?

used to record the net income that is retained in the business at the end of the year