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How can certain technology applications support student learning?

1. Extend students’ knowledge of self
2. encourage the dialogue, or the negotiated understanding of constructivist understanding


What are examples where counselors are needing to use more technology in the field?

1. managed care companies
2. schools
3. online career assessment and scoring


What is emerging in counseling to demonstrate a greater use and need for technology?

1. Journal of Technology in Counseling
2. Ethical guidelines for the use of technology in counseling by professional associations (ACA, NBCC)


What can technology enhance in the field of counseling?

1. case studies
2. real-world learning situations,
3. reflective practice
4. inclusion and appreciation of multiple perspectives
5. instructors-as-coaches and supervisors-as-guides


How do electronic discussion boards and blogs help in counselor education?

Help instructors and supervisors instigate students’ ongoing reflections about their learning


How does PowerPoint help in classroom presentations?

1. Encourage students to make own connections and construct own understanding of visual and aural stimuli
2. Generate insightful discussions
3. serve as a jumping-off point for students to take concepts, talk about them, and begin to make them their own


Student response systems have many uses, such as:

1. help instructors find out what students know prior to a discussion or course reading
2. gauge students’ learning
3. discover whether students have actually done the reading or assignments.
4. test assumptions


Technology in supervision practice has what three types?

1. Face-to-face supervision using technology
2. Remote supervision (cyber-supervision or e-supervision)
3. Live supervision


What types of technology can be used in live supervision?

1. Telephone
2. Bug in the ear
3. Bug in the eye-read the feedback from a computer screen over the shoulder of the client


The reading discusses an example of the bug-in-the ear approach with Ann, who had issues getting a group to go deeper. Her growth was facilitated by the supervisor’s what three interventions?

(1) a pre-group reminder
(2) a here-and-now prompt
(3) an acknowledgment of growth


How is the influence of technology in supervision bidirectional?

Technology enhances supervision, and supervision goals dictate the technology that is used.


How does technology help counselor educators be the “midwife teachers?”

Midwife supervisors facilitate the birth of ideas and support the counselor’s growth and development throughout the learning process.