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2.1.4 Search Warrants

Valid for period of 15 days from the date issued


2.1.5 Search Warrants- property inventory

returned with a property inventory within 5 days of service to the issuing judge


9.1 Body Cavity Searches

MDTA Police shall obtain a signed search warrant before taking a subject to a medical facility for body cavity search


8.10 The Carroll Doctrine

established that a Police Officer having probably cause to believe that a vehicle contains seizable items may search a mobile vehicle, which could conceivably leave the jurisdiction, before a warrant is obtained.


1.1 Stop and Frisk

Every time a sworn member of the MDTA Police conducts a Stop and Frisk pursuant to this directive, the member must complete and MSP 97, Stop and Frisk Report, Within 24 hours of the Stop and Frisk. If no weapon was seized or no arrest was made, no other reports are required