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All units that are normally in the same quarters can make themselves AQ simultaneously unless when? ( 3)

Units responded to different boxes
Unit or units did not go 10-8 from their box
One of the units is relocated and not regularly assigned there

Comm Manual Chap 2 Sec. 2.2.2


You are a member doing the house watch and the ladder is currently out getting the meal, an alarm comes over for both the engine and truck to respond to a structural fire.... Do you as the house watchman acknowledge the run for both the engine and the truck? How long do you have to respond before the dispatcher will begin to call you over the voice alarm?

The house watch acknowledges only for those units responding from quarters.

Comm Manual Chapter 2 Sec 2.2.1 B

The house watch has 20 seconds to acknowledge

Comm Manual Chapter 2 Sec 2.2.1 C


When units respond from quarters using the verbal function on the computer what must immediately be done via the department radio?

Must call the dispatcher and let them know what they are responding on, the location, and if any additional assistance is needed.

Comm Manual Chap 2 Sec 2.2.4 B


The verbal button on the house watch computer should only be used if the incident is within how many blocks of the firehouse? If it is more than that what should be done?

The verbal button should only be used if the alarm is within two blocks of the units quarters in any direction. If the alarm is more than two blocks away, the unit should respond and give info and location via radio.

Comm Manual Chap 2 Sec 2.2.4 C


Engine 60 is originally relocated to the quarters of Engine 43 while they are out of service for training. While relocated to Engine 43 Engine 60 goes to a fire and Engine 76 is now relocated to Engine 43 because Engine 60 is operating at the fire. Can Engine 76 when they arrive at Eng 43s quarters use the ACT'G button on the computer to give status reports?

No the ACT'G button can only be used by the first relocater into the original unit. All status reports and acknowledgments must be made via voice alarm, radio or telephone.

Comm Manual Chap 2 Sec 2.2.6 B


If the original unit goes 10-8 while the first relocator is in their quarters will the relocator be sent automatically back to their own quarters?


Comm Manual Chap 2 Sec 2.2.6 D


There are two types of teleprinter messages, response messages and administrative messages, how can you recognize the difference each one? Both require acknowledgment true or false?

Response messages will be in expanded print while acknowledgement messages appear in smaller print.

False only response tickets require an acknowledgment

Comm Manual Chap 2 Sec 2.4


Between what times does the Fire Dept use the no contact no response policy when it comes to ERS boxes?

One engine is dispatched between the hours of 2300 and 0800. All other times the no contact no response policy is used.

Comm Manual Chap 2 Sec 2.4.1 I


Units being relocated must acknowledge this messages a run and must do what when they reach the response district of the unit they are being relocated to?

Notify the dispatcher by radio

Comm Manual Chap 2 Sec 2.4.1 N


When the house watch computer displays the message Comm Failed who's bound be notified by phone for maintenance?

Star fire

Comm Manual Chap 2 Sec 2.4.2 C


What type of maintenance are members allowed to do to the PC/ATS ( house watch computer) ? How many rolls of spare teleprinter paper should be kept in the company office?
When is the emergency teleprinter power system examined and tested?

Members are only allowed to change the printer paper rolls and ink cartridges.


The first of the month

Comm Manual Chap 2 Sec 2.6.1 and 2.6.5


Which keys on the 7100 series MDT are single action keys?

10-84, 10-14, 10-4, 10-20

Comm Manual Chap 2 Sec


Which keys on the 9100 series MDT are single action keys? Battalion vehicles and other command cars

10-4, 10-84, 10-20, 10-12

Comm Manual Chap 2 Sec 2.11.1 B4


When response tickets are received your company number may be followed by a letter designating you for a specific job what do these letters stand for


C- Cfr engine
D- tech decon task force engine
F- Fast unit
H- haz mat tech unit
L- Lobby control unit
N- Hise rise nozzle
P- high pressure engine
S- FC Sattelite unit
T- Transport backup unit
W- water/ice rescue unit
Y- Systems Control Unit

C- CPC unit
D- tech decon task force ladder
F- Fast unit
H- high rise roof unit
R- Rescue collapse transport
S- Soc support truck
T- transportation backup unit
W- water/ice rescue unit

Comm manual Chap 2 Sec 2.12.3



......................Policy "no contact, no response" for ERS boxes. Normally occurs between 0800 and 2300 hours.

......................Includes Step 1. One engine company is dispatched
to all electromechanical boxes.

......................Includes Steps 1 & 2. All reported structural fires
receive one engine, one ladder and a battalion chief.

Sec 2.3.3


What does the IP stand for

ERS - IP (Information Possible)
"IP" indicates that the dispatcher did not answer the call from an ERS received
within the default time frame or all consoles were busy.
One engine is dispatched
under these conditions
Sec 2.4.1 G


BARS - DRB (Discretionary Response Box)
This identifies a box to which a battalion chief responds at his discretion. Is this message acknowledged ? What times are they in effect ?

shall not acknowledge for the chief when this message is received unless the
battalion chief responds. DRB’s are in effect on select boxes between 0900 hours
and 2400 hours
sec 2.4.1 D


BOX 0342 - (=3-342-42) 627 BROADWAY

Initial signal 3 indicates a private fire alarm box; 342 is the box
number and 42 is the terminal number which designates a specific area
within the building
Sec 2.4.1 E


Signal 7 - 5.

This message is a notification that a Battalion Chief, three Engine companies
(or two Engines and one Squad company) and two Ladder companies are
operating at an alarm
Sec 2.4.1


COMM Failed
This informational message indicates a malfunction in CADS. What is a way to tell if there PC/ATS is online or off line by just looking at the screen ?

When the PC/ATS
is on line, the red border surrounding the CLR/TEST button will be flickering on
and off. If the red border remains steady the PC/ATS is out of service and
Starfire Control Center should be notified by phone.
Sec 2.4.1


10 - 5 - Repeat Message
A unit must acknowledge a teleprinter response message before asking for a copy
using the 10 - 5 button on the PC/ATS
Agree or Disagree

Sec 2.4.1


2.7.1 The officer shall contact Starfire Operations and indicate the nature of the
problem. The officer shall make an entry in the company journal indicating what ??
2.7.2 When the problem has been corrected, or repairs have been made, by Starfire
Operations or other personnel, a test is conducted to insure the equipment is
operating properly. The officer shall make an entry in the company journal

nature of the problem, the time the notification was made and the name of the
operator notified.

the time of such repairs, who made them and if the equipment is now
Sec 2.7.2