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cumulative frequency graph

a graph in which each data point indicates the total number of times he behavior has occurred up to that point


alternating treatments designs

a single case experimental design in which two or more interventions alternate systematically


continuous recording

recording each and every occurrence of a behavior during a prescribed period


interval recording

recording whether a behavior occurs during each of a series of short intervals within an observation period


simple frequency graph

a graph in which each data point indicates the number of times a behavior occured at a particular time


target behavior

the behavior to be changed by an intervention


behavioral assessment

the attempt to (1) define the target behavior;(2) identify functional relations between the target behavior and its antecedents and consequences; (3) identify an effective intervention for changing the target behavior


functional analysis

the process of testing hypotheses about the functional relations among antecedents, target behavior and consequences


ABAB reversal design

a single case design in which baseline and intervention conditions are repeated with the same person



a period during which the behavior under study is recorded, but no attempt is made to modify it


multiple baseline design

a single case design in which the effects of an intervention are recorded across situations, behaviors, or individuals


single casse experimental design

a research design in which the behavior of an individual is compared under experimental and control condition