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venipuncture is a common sampling technique because...

1. superficial veins are easy to locate
2. the walls of the veins are thinner than the walls of the arteries
3. the blood pressure in veins is relatively low


in adults, the circulatory blood...

1. provides nutrients, oxygen, and chemical instructions for cells
2. is a mechanism for waste removal for cells
3. transports special cells to defend tissues from infection and disease


an arterial puncture generally drawn from the radial artery at the wrist or the brachial artery at the elbow would primarily be used for...

checking efficiency of gas exchange at the lungs


the blood transports specialized cells that defend peripheral tissues from...

infection and disease


the formed elements of the blood consist of...

red and white blood cells, and platelets


the primary functions of the blood are...

1. transportation of dissolved gases, nutrients, wastes, and hormones
2. regulation of pH and ion compostition of interstitial fluids
3. defense against toxins and pathogens


blood transports dissolved gases, bringing oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and carrying carbon dioxide from...

the tissues to the lungs


the "patrol agents" in the blood that defend the body against toxins and pathogens are...

white blood cells and antibodies


the best laboratory procedure for obtaining blood to determine the hemoglobin level is...

puncturing the tip of the finger


blood temperature is roughly _________, and the blood pH averages ________.

38 C; 7.4


an example of a true statement...

Plasma contributes approximately 55 percent of the volume of whole blood, and H2O accounts for 92 percent of the plasma volume


the three primary classes of plasma proteins are...

albumins, globulins, and fibrinogen


in addition to water and proteins, the plasma consists of...

electrolytes, nutrients, and organic wastes


loose connective tissue and cartilage contain a network of insoluble fibers, whereas plasma, a fluid connective tissue, contains...

dissolved proteins


circulating mature RBCs lack...

1. mitochondria
2. ribosomes
3. nuclei


the important effects on RBCs due to their unusual shape are that it...

1. enables RBCs to form stacks
2. gives each RBCs a large surface-area-to-volume ratio
3. enables RBCs to bend and flex when entering small cappillaries and branches


the primary function of a mature red blood cell is...

transport of respiratory gases


the part of the hemoglobin molecule that directly interacts with oxygen is...

the iron ion


iron is necessary in the diet because it is involved with...

hemoglobin production


the iron extracted from heme molecules during hemoglobin recycling is stored in the protein-iron complexes...

ferritin and hemosiderin


during RBC recycling, each heme unit is stripped of its iron and converted to...



the primary site of erythropoiesis in the adult is the...

myeloid tissue


erythropoietin appears in the plasma when peripheral tissues, especially the kidneys, are exposed to...

low oxygen concentrations


addlutinogens are contained in the________, while the agglutins are found in the _________.

cell membrane of RBC; plasma


if you have type A blood, your plasma hold circulating ________ that will attack __________ erythrocytes.

anti-B agglutinins; Type B


a person with type O blood contains...

anti-A and anti-B agglutinins


the two types of agranular leukocytes found in the blood are...

monocytes and lymphocytes


based on their staining characteristics, the types of granular leukocytes found in the blood are...

neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils


the number of eosinophils increases dramitcally during....

an allergic reaction or a parasitic infection


basophils are specialized in that they...

contain histamine that exaggerates the inflammation response at the injury site