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5.1 Foreign Diplomats/ Consular Officials- moving violation

When a driver has been stopped for a moving violation and is believed to have diplomatic immunity, the sworn person may take enforcement action, through proper discretion should be exercised. A diplomat does not have to sign a citation and cannot be arrested for refusal to sign or accept the citation. The individual claiming immunity should display valid diplomatic credentials


5.3 Foreign Diplomats/ Consular Officials- Driving intoxicated

If a diplomat is believed to be driving intoxicated, the sworn person shall request the diplomat not drive to ensure his/ her and the public's safety. The sworn person will provide needed assistance to park the vehicle, transport the party to another location, and summon a cab. If the diplomat refuses, he/ she is free to leave but may not drive the vehicle.


5.4 Foreign Diplomats/ Consular Officials- Restraing

The individual may not be handcuffed or subjected to a sobriety test. The diplomat should not be restrained in any way, unless it is to prevent injury to him/ her self or other and then only the absolute minimum may be applied. Vehicle may not be impounded but may be towed the distance necessary to prevent them from obstructing traffic or endangering public safety.


8.14 Stopping/ Approaching Vehicle Positioning

Once the violator is properly stopped, the patrol car shall be positioned approximately 12-15 feet to the rear of the violator's vehicle and angled slightly to the left establishing a small barrier of safety. "Take down" or spot lights may be used


2.2 Warnings for speed violation

record both the violators speed and the posted speed limit


2.3 How many violations can be recorded on a single warning?



2.1 Prohibitions (SERO)

Safety Equipment Repair Orders may not be issued to vehicles bearing historic, transporter, dealer, finance, recycler, special mobile equipment, Street rod, and temporary or out of state registration


1.1 Traffic citation and arrest (Section 26-201)

The Transportation Article authorizes the issuance of traffic citations for violations indicated with the subsection


1.1 Pacing

Follow the vehicle at a constant interval, for an adequate distance (Preferably a minimum of 2 tenth a mile).


1.2 All MDTA patrol vehicles must be calibrated every _ _____ so that accurate readings are obtained

3 months


11.1.2 Radar/ Lidar Certification Card

The detachment RADAR/LIDAR Coordinator will complete the Radar Operator's certification checklist form No later than 30 days prior to expiration date of the operators certification


13.1 Radar/ Lidar Recertifications

operators will be re-certified every 3 years. Operators must pass a practical exam given by the Detachment Radar/ Lidar co-coordinator.


2.4 DUI/DWI Procedures

Upon request, the results of the PBT may be given to the driver after he/she submits to an intoximetor or blood alcohol test, or has refused any type of test for alcohol and the 2 hour time limit has expired


3.2 DUI/ DWI Administrative Per Se Law

If the driver refuses to submit to a test to determine the alcohol concentration in his/ her blood, or consent to submit to a test and the results indicate an alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more, the sworn person is authorized to confiscate the Maryland Driver's license at the time of arrest


3.13 Attorney administered breath test

An attorney may wish to administer a preliminary breath test or another type of breath test on the arrestee prior to a decision to take or refuse a test. The court has ruled that such test cannot be prohibited. However, under no circumstances will MDTA equipment be used for this independent test.


8.1 Discretionary Release of DUI Violators

The intoxicated person shall be taken to the Detachment where the Shift Supervisor will determine the condition of the intoxicated person


8.1` DUI Discretionary Release

The Detachment Shift Supervisor and the arresting officer will consider the following in the decision whether or not to release: Has no prior FTA offenses in the last 5 years, MD resident, degree of intoxication, No prior DUI/DWI in the last 5 years, sober responsible adult will take custody of accused


6.10 Departmental

The Office of Procurement & Fleet Services will be mailed a copy of the packet, including photos within 5 days of the collision.


6.12 Departmental Packet

When the packet is completed, a Blue Team incident will be initiated by a supervisor; the supervisor will scan and enter the packet into Blue Team


1.1 Abandoned Vehicle

According to Maryland Vehicle Law, Article 25-201 is defined as any motor vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer that is inoperable and left unattended on public property for more than 48 hours