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Product placement

A public relations strategy that involves getting a product, service, or company name to appear in a movie, television show, radio program, magazine, newspaper, video game, video or audio clip, book, or commercial for another product; on the Internet; or at special events.



A public relations strategy in which a company spends money to support an issue, a cause, or an event that is consistent with corporate objectives, such as improving brand awareness or enhancing corporate image.


Cause-related marketing

A type of sponsorship involving the association of a for-profit company with a nonprofit organization; through the sponsorship, the company's product or service is promoted, and money is raised for the nonprofit.


Ambush marketing

When an advertiser attempts to position itself with an event but is not sanctioned as an official sponsor.


Experiential marketing

A form of advertising that focuses on helping consumers experience a brand such that a memorable and emotional connection is formed between the consumer and the brand.


Crisis management

A coordinated effort to handle all the effects of either unfavourable publicity or an unexpected unfavourable event.


Direct-response broadcast

Advertising that uses television or radio and includes a direct call to action asking the consumer to respond immediately.


Direct-response television (DRTV)

Advertising that appears on television and encourages viewers to respond immediately.


Direct-response print

Advertising in a print medium that includes a direct call to action.



The use of telecommunications to sell a product or service; involves both outbound and inbound calls.


Do Not Call List (DNCL)

A free service whereby Canadians register their telephone number to reduce or eliminate phone calls from telemarketers.


Direct mail

A printed form of direct-response communication that is delivered directly to consumers' homes.