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Recognition-primed Decision Making (RPD)

A mental model that suggests that many quick decisions are made using mental templates from previous experiences that fit the images that you are currently witnessing


Situational Awareness

The degree of accuracy to which one's perception of his or her current environment mirrors reality


Valued Property

Physical property whose loss will cause harm to the community


Vicarious Learning

The process of observing others to develop knowledge, skill, or experience base


NFPA 1561

Requires that the safety officer be the designated risk manager for an incident and that he or she will determine whether the operation falls within the criteria of acceptable risk-taking



Dangerous and Risky have different meanings. Conditions are dangerous, the act of firefighting is risky


Risk Management Principles

Risk a life to save a known life
Perform in a predictable, practiced manner to save valued property
Take no risk to save what's lost
Default to defensive tactics when conditions deteriorate quickly


Factors that reduce situational awareness

Insufficient Communication, fatigue, stress, task overload or under-load, group mindset and biases, rapidly degrading operating conditions


Three step ISO read-risk model

1. Collect incident SA cues and clues
2. Analyze the SA (define threats, judge survivable spaces, rate of change, what is being saved)
3. Judge the risk-taking (acceptable or unacceptable)