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2.2.2 Sworn personnel assigned to patrol post shall remain on patrol until informed by the ____ _______ that the tour of duty has ended

patrol supervisor


4.1 Peak traffic hours

Monday- Friday 0600-0900 and 1530-1830


3.1 Serious accident/ incident notification

Any time an incident occurs which requires the serious accident/ incident notification procedures to be followed the Shift Supervisor is responsible to include all pertinent information in the appropriate section of the daily report


4.1 Notifications

to ensure that all required personnel are notified expeditiously, it will be the responsibility of the following MDTA police personnel to use the notification procedures: Shift Supervisor notification


5.4 Rail related security notification

An IR or CIR will be completed for all threats, incidents or activities that result in initiation of Rail related Security Notification


3.2.2 Passenger restraint devices

All infants and small children 65 lbs or less or under 8 years old MUST be secured in a child safety seat


5.2 Vehicle and equipment inspection report

Shift supervisors will verify that all vehicles have been properly inspected


5.1 Mobile video Recorder

prior to each shift, sworn personnel shall record a brief segment and play it back to determine whether their MVR equipment is working properly


5.6.6 If for any reason an MVR is found to be inoperable or malfunctioning, the sworn person will immediately notify a ________ by means of a _______ ______

supervisor, Special Reprt


6.4 DVD RAMs will be maintained for ___.

30 Days


6.6 When a patrol vehicle is out of service for more than ____ ___ to perform required maintenance or repairs, the ___ ___ is to be removed, noted on the video log and stored in the Video Storage Cabinet

24 hours, DVD RAM


7.5 Duplication of Video

The Director of the Central Records Unit is designated as the custodian of records for the MVR System. Any subpoena or request for a copy of a video shall be forwarded to the Director of Central Records for disposition as appropriate


8.1 Video Review

Shift Supervisors will randomly select 2 DVD RAMs from the current month for review to ensure that patrol procedures are within MDTA policy and the system is functioning properly


8.2 Patrol- Responsibility of Shift Supervisor

The Shift Supervisor will be responsible for determining how many units to dispatch to an emergency call


2.8 Vehicle Contact Actions

Intentional Vehicle to Vehicle contact actions are prohibited


8.1 Pursuit 10-80- Responsibility of Shift Supervisor

The Shift supervisor shall assume responsibility for Monitoring and Controlling the pursuit as it progresses


8.2 (10-80) Review of Data

The shift supervisor shall continuously review the incoming data to determine whether the pursuit should be continued or terminated


18.1 Pursuit 10-80- other agency pursuit

The initiating sworn person, or the first MDTA sworn person to enter an already ongoing pursuit from another agency, Must complete a pursuit driving data form


19.5 Operational Reports

A Stop Stick Ltd Form shall be completed only when a tire- deflating device needs to be replaced. The original copy of this form will be kept with the sworn person's report. The shift supervisor will send a photocopy of this form to the Quartermaster Unit


19.6 Stop Sticks

If a tire deflating device is used, (regardless, whether it was hit or not) the sworn person will submit a Use of Force Report


19.7 Pursuit 10- 80 Use of Force

If any type of force is used during a pursuit incident, a Use of Force report must be completed


20.1 (Pursuit 10-80) Shift supervisors review

following a pursuit, the shift supervisor shall begin to review the circumstances surrounding the event as soon as practical following incident


20.3 The shift supervisor is responsible for submitting a ______ ______ summarizing the incident. This report will be processed through the _____ __ _______ via ____ ____ Software and forwarded to ___

Special Report, chain of command view Blue Team, IAU


20.7 Pursuit Driving Forms (and use of force forms, if applicable)

must be completed prior to end of the initiating sworn person's shift. These forms will be forwarded to the Internal Affairs Unit through the chain of command


20.8 (Pursuit 10-80) Shift Supervisor completes the following:

Special Report, Routing Slip, and Incident Synopsis


20.8.1 (Pursuit 10-80) The shift supervisor is responsible for

securing any audio and/ or video disc and completing the property report/ chain of command


22.2 Pursuit 10-80 Collisions

If any collisions occur as a aresult of a police pursuit, the shift supervisor will notify the assistant attorney general, as soon as possible following the incident


24.2 (Pursuit 10-80) Outside Police Agencies

If any tactic deployed by a member of MDTA result in any damage to a vehicle of the outside department, a copy of the officer's report concerning this damage shall be forwarded to the outside department upon request


24.3 (Pursuit 10-80 All Other vehicle damaged during a pursuit

All owners of vehicles requesting reimbursement for damages caused as a result of pursuit (by this department) should be referred to the State Treasurer's Office in Annapolis or to the Authority's Legal Division. Accordance with Maryland tort Claim Act