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What are the closest primate relative to homo-sapiens?

Chimpanzee - only 1.6% difference in DNA structure compared to humans


What are Vestigial Organs?

Remnants of organs that apparently were better developed and more functional in the ancestors of a species. They now serve little or no purpose.

Ex: Piloerector muscle (hair follicle muscles) - humans are no longer covered in hair for warmth


What is Bipedalism?

Standing and walking on 2 legs. This helps spot predators, carry food or infants.


What are so adaptations for bipedalism?

- skeletal and muscular modifications
- increased brain volume
- family life and social changes


List the bipedal evolutionary names

Australpithecus - oldest bipedal primate

Homo Genus - 2.5 million years ago (taller, larger brain)

Homo erectus - 1.8 million years ago ( mirgated from Africa to Asia)

Homo Sapiens - originated in africa 200,000 years ago