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Bedded Position

Extension ladder with the fly section(s) fully retracted.


Combination Ladder

Ladder that can be used as a single, extension, or A-frame ladder.


Extension Ladder

Variable-length ladder of two or more sections that can be extended to a desired height.


Folding Ladder

Single-section, collapsible ladder that is easy to maneuver in restricted places such as access openings for attics and lofts.


Heat Sensor Label

Label affixed to the ladder beam near the tip to provide a warning that a ladder has been subjected to excessive heat.


Roof Ladder

Straight ladder with folding hooks at the top end; the hooks anchor the ladder over the roof edge.


Rope Hose Tool

Piece of rope spliced to form a loop through the eye of a metal hook; used to secure hose to ladders or other objects.


Single Ladder

One-section nonadjustable ladder. Also known as Wall or Straight Ladder.