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2.11 Fur Winter Hat

will only be worn in extreme weather conditions


2.12 Watch Cap

The wearing of the watch cap will be dictated by inclement weather, extreme cold and exposure to extreme temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period of time


2.20.1 Personnel assigned to ______ _________ may elect to not wear their protective vest, with their supervisors approval

covert operations


2.22 Holster

only a regulation- issue or Chief firearms instructor approved holster may be worn by sworn police personnel.


2.22 Holster- ______ ________ and/ or personnel assigned to _______ assignments may use another holster style for concealment, if approved by the Chief Firearms instructor

criminal investigators, undercover


4.1 Uniform of the day

Class "C" uniforms are mandatory from June 1- August 31. Class "B" uniforms are mandatory November 16- March 14.


4.2 During the months of ____, ___, _________ and _______ members have the option of wearing class "B" or class "C"

April, May, September, October


7.1 Uniform Replacement

Winter uniforms may be ordered Mar 1-30 and Summer be ordered September 1-30 each calendar year


8.1 Lost/ Damaged items

Personnel who lose or damage any issued item must submit a Special Report to their commander


9.1 Personnel Inspections

to insure compliance with the uniform guidelines, each officer CPL and SGT will be inspected on a monthly basis. These inspections will be recorded on MDTA police personnel inspection report


10.3 The ordinance inventory will be performed ____-_______, completed at the end of ____ and ________.

Semi- annually, June and December