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What is public relations?

Public relations: is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its public.


What is the function of public relations?

1. Promoting a positive image
2. Effective communication of messages
3. Issues Monitoring
4. Crisis Management


Difference between PR and advertising?

PR is UNPAID and generally performed by a third-party whereas advertising is PAID and generally performed by the business


What is a (business) image?

Image: refers to how a business is perceived by the world at large, especially consumers.


'Publics' Catergories

1. Internal Publics (employees and managers etc...)

2. General Publics (general populations perception of business)

3. Local community publics (local residents - extremely important for small businesses)

4. Citizens-action publics (action groups such as environmentalists)

5. Media Publics (newspapers)

6. Governement publics (governements)


What is a public relations campaign?

A public relations campaign: is a series of public relations activities undertaken to achieve a specific objective.

Stage 1 — establish public relations objectives
Stage 2 — identify the intended publics
Stage 3 — develop specific public relations strategies and tactics
Stage 4 — implement the public relations campaign
Stage 5 — evaluate the results


What is risk management?

Risk management: is the process of identifying the risks to which a business is likely to be exposed and determining the best way to deal with them.


What is crisis communication plan?

A crisis communication plan: outlines the policies and procedures to follow when handling unfavourable publicity and news personnel when a crisis occurs.


What is a publics relations evaluation?

Public relations evaluation: is a thorough and systematic review of the public relations objectives, strategies and tactics.