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A wedge-shaped blade attached at right angles to the handle of the tool.


Battering Ram

Solid steel bar with handles and guards, a fork on one end, and a blunt end on the other, used to break down doors or create holes in walls. The tool weighs 30 to 40 pounds (13.6 to 18.1 kg) and can be operated by one or more firefighters.



The act of creating a hole in a wall or floor to gain access to a structure or portion of a structure.


Forcible Entry

Techniques used by fire personnel to gain entry into buildings, vehicles, aircraft, or other areas of confinement when normal means of entry are locked or blocked.



Support or point of support on which a lever turns in raising or moving something.


Halligan Tool

Prying tool with a claw at one end and a spike or point at a right angle to a wedge at the other end.



Device consisting of a bar turning about a fixed point (fulcrum), using power of force applied at a second point to lift or sustain an object at a third point.


Pike Pole

Sharp prong and hook of steel, on a wood, metal, fiberglass, or plastic handle of varying length, used for pulling, dragging, and probing.


Rabbit Tool

Hydraulic spreading tool that is specially designed to open doors that swing inward.


Tempered Plate Glass

Type of glass specially treated to become harder and more break-resistant than plate glass or a single sheet of laminated glass.