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Anonymity (1)

1. Keeping participant's or client's identity away from publication of any possible inadvertent disclosure


Briefing (1)

1. Information about the task given to participants before they are tested


Confidentiality (1)

1. Keeping data from participants or clients away from publication


Debriefing (2)

1. Informing participants about the full nature and rationale of the study they've experienced,
2. and attempting to reverse any negative influence


Deception (2)

1. Leading participants to believe that something other then the true IV is involved,
2. or withholding information such that the reality of the investigative situation is distorted


Informed Consent (2)

1. Agreement to participate in research
2. to the full knowledge of the research context and participant rights


Intervention (2)

1. Research that makes some alteration to people's lives beyond the specific research setting,
2. in some cases because there is an intention to ameliorate specific human conditions


Involuntary Participation (1)

1. Taking part in research without agreement of knowledge of the study


Right to Privacy (2)

1. Right that upholds people's expectation that their personal lives will not be intruded upon
2. by voluntary or involuntary research participation