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Safety Officer Concept

Provides a post-incident analysis for the department in the form of a written report that includes pertinent information relating to safety and health issues involved with the incident


FF death Concept

The relatively high heart attack rate among fire fighters reflects the nature of the work, which can suddenly change from low activity to an episode of high stress and intense exertion


Trauma Concept

Traumatic injuries are the second leading cause of fire fighter fatalities. Most of these deaths are caused by vehicle accidents, falls, or structure collapse of a burning building


Categories of Risk with Near Miss Reports

Analyzed annually using a tool modified from the US Navy's Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS)
Level 1 - Unsafe acts
Level 2 - Preconditions to unsafe acts
Level 3 - Unsafe supervision
Level 4 - Organizational influences



The fire department is required to maintain records of all accidents, occupational deaths, injuries, illnesses, and exposures in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations


Roles of a fire officer in providing a safe environment

Identify unsafe and hazardous conditions
Mitigate or reduce as many problems as possible
Train and prepare for the remaining hazards
Model safe behavior