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Define agriculture

The deliberate modification of Earth's surface through the cultivation of plants and the rearing of animals


What is the main form of primary sector activity?



What are the 3 major agricultural revolutions?

The 1st agricultural revolution (Neolithic revolution), the 2nd agricultural revolution (1st industrial revolution), Green revolution (began around world war 2).


What are the 5 major agricultural hearths?

Mesopotamia (Middle East ), Nile River Valley (North Africa), Indus River Valley (South Asia), Huang He River Valley (East Asia), Mesoamerica (Central America)


When did farming begin?

When early humans settled down and sedentary living began


What was the Colombian Exchange?

European exploration and colonization dispersed new crops and animals. Agricultural practices were revitalize – increased higher calorie content foods exported to Europe


What effect did the Columbian exchange have on Europe?

It caused new resources to be available


What effect did the Columbian exchange have a new world?

It introduced noninvasive species such as horses, bananas, etc.


When did the 2nd Agricultural Revolution occur?

Around the same time as the 1st industrial revolution, in the 1800s


What effects did the 2nd Agricultural Revolution have on people and societies?

It improved tools and methods of technology. As countries industrialized more people moved to cities to work in factories. Increased productivity was caused by new technology. More food caused more population growth.


What goes hand in had with rapid urbanization and industrialization?

Changes in food production, rapid urbanization, and industrialization all go hand in hand.


When did the 3rd Agricultural Revolution happen?

It's also called the Green Revolution and started around World War 2


How did the green revolution seek to end worldwide hunger?

GMO's, hybrid seeds that are disease resistant, improved fertilization, and a better irrigation. Food security


What are GMO's?

Genetically modified organisms, they're banned in many parts of the world. Example: grapefruit


What are the two types of agriculture?

Subsistence and commercial farming


What is subsistence farming?

The production of food primarily for consumption by the farmer's family or community (In LDCs).


What is commercial farming?

The production of food primarily for sale and for profit. Agribusiness in MDCs