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3.1 Abuse of position

Personnel are prohibited from using his/her official position or his/ her official identification card or badge for personal or financial benefit as a means of obtaining privilege's not otherwise available to him/ her or for any other reason not connected with his/ her official duties


1.1 Receiving Complaints

A complaint is defined as an allegation, if proved factual, would constitute employee misconduct


1.1 Complaints may be in the form of ____ or ____ ________

written or oral communication


1.3 Receiving complaints- Once the complaint has been documented, personnel receiving the complaint will seal the written complaint form in an envelope and direct it to the attention of the _____/_____ _____ _____

Detachment/ Unit Commanding Officer


10.1 Investigative Findings

At the completion of the internal investigation, the case investigator must make a determination and recommendation as to whether MDTA policy has been violated


10.1.1 Unfounded

The act complained of did not occur


10.1.2 Non- sustained

Investigation failed to disclose sufficient evidence to establish that an allegation of misconduct occured


10.1.3 Sustained

the investigation disclosed sufficient evidence to establish that an allegation of misconduct occurred


13.3 Routing of the case file/ IAU Case

If the investigation is conducted by a detachment investigator, the investigator will forward the completed case file via Blue Team to the detachment commander


3.5 Chief of police review and final order (IAU Case)

The hearing board report shall be completed within 15 dats of the conclusion of the hearing


3.5 How many days does the hearing board have to complete the report after the hearing?

15 days