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Assessment of how enthusiastic employees are about managing the work of others

Motivation to manage


1. Insensitive to others: abrasive, intimidating, bullying style
2. Cold, aloof, arrogant
3. Betrays trust
4. Overly ambitious: thinking of next job, playing politics
5. Specific performance problems with the business
6. Overmanaging: unable to delegate or build a team
7. Unable to staff effectively [Right People in Right Positions]
8. Unable to think strategically [Understanding “Big Picture”]
9. Unable to adapt to boss with different style
10. Overdependent on advocate or mentor

Top mistakes managers make


Stages in the Transition to Management:

Be the boss
Formal authority
Manage tasks
Job is not managing people

Manager's initial expectations


Stages in the Transition to Management

Initial expectations were wrong
Fast pace
Heavy work load
Job is to be a problem solver and troubleshooter for subordinates

After six months as a manager


Stages in the Transition to Management

No longer a doer
Communication, listening, and positive reinforcement
Learning to adapt to and and control stress
Job is people development

After a year as a manager


Helps develop workforces that are smarter, better trained, more motivated, and more committed than those of the competitors’
Produces substantial advantages in:
- Sales revenues
- Profits
- Stock market returns
- Customer satisfaction

Competitive Advantage through People