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7.1 Division commanders are responsible for

ensuring that all agency job classifications are kept current, and to make recommendations concerning revisions when changes occur


11.2 Liaison coordinator will be responsible for

returning driver's licenses and license plates to the MVA


11.4 The liaison coordinator will report any

officers failure to appear (FTA) for court dates to the officer's immediate supervisor and the detachment/ unit commander


15.2 Property coordinator duties

if a new entry has been made, the detachment or Division Property Coordinator will mail notification letters in all cases where an owner, or possible owner, is known. The letter will be mailed standard first class mail and will advise the owner they have 30 days to retrieve their property.


15.3 Property Coordinator duties- once per month

The detachment or Unit Property Coordinator will arrange with the Lead Property Coordinator to take all non- evidentiary items, which have been in the custody of this agency for 30 days, to the detective units central property room. Each detachment or Unit Coordinator is responsible for the transportations of all items to the Detective Unit Property Room


5.2 Vehicle Fleet Sheets

shall be completed on a monthly basis for all agency vehicles and forwarded to the MDTA Police Fleet Coordinator by the 3rd of each month. These reports will subsequently be forwarded to the MDTA Fleet Coordinator by the 5th of each month


6.1 After a vehicle is impounded

the Motor Vehicle Impound/ Disposal Coordinator should perform a stolen check daily


If subject flees from out of state into MD who does he go before for an extradition hearing?

Circuit Court Judge