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What does restorative justice focus on?

Healing the relationships that have been harmed by crime.


What is the main tenet of restorative justice?

Crime impacts not only the victim and the offender, but the broader community as well. Less about the law that was broken, and more about the harm to the community caused by the crime.


What does restorative justice believe causes crime?

Neither free-will nor determinism - all individuals are responsible for preventing crime and for repairing harm when crime does happen.


How is the restorative justice model oriented?

Collectivist; the community has to be able to hold the offender accountable, they have to be able to empower and protect the safety of the community, and they have to rehabilitate offenders.


What is the restorative justice response to crime?

1) The offender must acknowledge the harm they have done.
2) The offender must also be willing to make restitution and to heal the harms.
3) The community must be willing to work toward the rehabilitation and reintegration of the offender.