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How large is the IP Header of an IP Packet?

- between 20 and 60 bytes


What fields are in an IP Header?

- Version
- Internet Header Length
- Notification and Explicit Congestion
- Total Length
- Identification
- Flags and Fragment Offset
- Time to Live
- Protocol


What does an IP Packet that is only 20 bytes long contain?

- Just the IP Packet Header


What is the largest IP Packet that Ethernet can transport?

- 1500 bytes


What is the Identification field used for?

- used when an IP packet needs to be fragmented due to constraint of Layer 2 (Ethernet) Packet size limits


Which IP Header field provides Quality of Service?

- Notification and Explicit Congestion


What does the TTL field do?

- prevents IP packets from looping indefinitely
When the TTL goes to zero, the router discards the packet and sends a message to the sender to tell it that the packet was dropped