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What two developments, concerning individual family members, that forced therapist to recognize the family's power to alter the course of treatment?

1. They noticed that often when a patient got better, someone else in the family got worse.

2. Patients improved in the hospital only to get worse when the got home (decompensated).
Nichols p.9-10


Why are Group Dynamics applicable to the family?

Because family and group life is a complex blend of individual personalities and superordinate properties of the group.

Nichols p. 10


What did Kurt Lewin point out in regard to "quasi-stationary social equilibrium"?

Changing group behavior requires "unfreezing". Only after something shakes up a group's beliefs will its members prepare to change.
Nichol p.10


What did Wilford Bion assert as it relates to groups?

Most groups become diverted from their primary task by engaging in patterns of fight-flight, dependency, and pairing.
Nichols p. 11


Explain process/content.

- Attending as much to how people talk (process) as to the content of their discussions (what they are saying).

- PROCESS - how people talk to each other
- CONTENT - what they are saying.

Ex: Message content: don't play with Barbie doll > images of bubble headed beauty > message > respect yourself as a person

Message process: mother disparages daughters wishes > your feelings don't count.

Nochols p. 11
Class note p.


What makes Role Theory useful in understanding families?

Roles tend to be complimentary and reciprocal - they reinforce each other.

In couple’s work: ​Pursuer/distancer, ​​​​​​​​
Parenting issues: ​Strict/lenient
​​​​ involved/uninvolved

Nichols p. 12


How does group therapy differ from family therapy (4 reasons)?

1. Revealing self to strangers is different than exposing yourself to family.There is a loss of safety that group therapy provides
2. The stressful environment is brought to the consulting room.
3. In families, the power structure is hierarchical - someone has to be in charge.
4. The identified patient may feel isolated - the problem.


What did child guidance centers gradually conclude?

The real problem was not the child's symptoms but the tension in families that were the source of the symptoms - Mothers/fathers/significant others.

Nichols p. 13


David Levy believe what was the chief cause of children's problems?

Maternal over protectiveness.
Mothers who were deprived of love became overprotective.
- some became
domineering > children submissive at home > difficult making friends.
Indulgent > children disobedient at home > well behaved at school.
Nichols p. 13


Describe Homeostasis.

Whenever a family system is threatened or disturbed, it endeavors to maintain stability.
Ex: parents fight > child child exhibits symptomatic behavior to stop the fighting by uniting the parents concern and preserving a family equilibrium.