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Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing - def

a core mental health profession, that employs a purposeful use of self as its art and a wide range of nursing, psychosocial, and neurobiological theories and research evidence as its science.


Evidenced based practice - def

method that uses treatment approaches to illness that is scientifically grounded or evidenced based.


Recovery model - def

social model - focuses on rehabilitation and recovery.


Recovery model - focuses on...(4)

Mental health care is to be consumer and family driven, care must focus on increasing consumer's ability to be successful in coping with life's challenges, an individual plan of care is to be at the core, and consumers must be partners in decision making.


What are the 5 A's? (EBP in Clinical practice)

Ask a question, acquire literature, appraise the literature, apply the evidence, assess the performance.


Clinical practice guidelines - def

systematically developed statements that identify, appraise, and summarize the best evidence about prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, and other knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about specific health problems.


Clinical algorithms - def

step-by-step guidelines prepared in a flow chart format.


Clinical/critical pathways - def

map for specific treatment.


Caring - most natural and the most fundamental aspect of human existence. T/F?



Attending - def

intensity of present - being there for a patient! could just be sitting there!