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Which of the following topologies required termination?
A. Star
B. Bus
C. Mesh
D. Ring

B. In a bus topology, all computers connected to the network via a main line. The cable had to be terminated at both ends to prevent signal reflection.


Star-bus is an example of a ____ topology.
A. transitional
B. system
C. hybrid
D. rampant

C. Star-bus is a hybrid topology because it uses a star physical topology and a bus signal topology.


Of the topologies listed, which one is the most fault-tolerant?
A. Point-to-point
B. Bus
C. Star
D. Ring

C. Of the choices listed, only star topology has any fault tolerance.


What term is used to describe the interconnectivity of network components?
A. Segmentation
B. Map
C. Topology
D. Protocol

C. Topology is the term used to describe interconnectivity of network components.


Coaxial cables all have a(n) _____ rating.
A. resistance
B. watt
C. speed
D. Ohm

D. All coaxial cables have an Ohm rating. RG-59 and RG-6 both are rated at 75 Ohms.


Which of the following is a type of coaxial cable?
A. RJ-45
B. RG-59
D. Barrel

B. RG-59 is a type of coaxial cable.


Which network topology connected nodes with a ring of cable?
A. Star
B. Bus
C. Ring
D. Mesh

C. The aptly named ring topology are connected nodes with a central ring of cable.


Which network topology is most commonly seen only in wireless networks?
A. Star
B. Bus
C. Ring
D. Mesh

D. Mesh is, for the most part, unique to wireless networks.


Which of the following is a duplex fiber-optic connection?
B. RJ-45

A. Of the options given, only the LC connector is designed for duplex fiber-optic.


What is the most common category of UTP used in new cabling installations?
A. Cat 3
B. Cat 5e
C. Cat 6
D. Cat 7

B. Cat 6 is the most common cabling category used today although Cat 6a and Cat 7 are gaining in popularity.