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What uniquely identifies every NIC?
A. IP address
B. Media access control address
C. ISO number
D. Packet ID number

B. The unique identifier on a network interface card is called a media access control (MAC) address.


Where does a hub send data?
A. Only to the receiving system
B. Only to the sending system
C. To all the systems connected to the hub
D. Only to the server

C. Data comes into a hub through one wire and is then sent out through all the other wires. A hub sends data to all the systems connected to it.


What Windows utility do you use to find the MAC address for a system?
A. ipconfig /all
B. ipcfg /all
C. ping
D. mac

A. All versions of Windows use ipconfig /all from the command line to determine the MAC address.


A MAC address is known as a(n)______ address.
B. logical
C. physical

C. The MAC address is a physical address.


A NIC sends data in discrete chunks called ______.
A. segments
B. sections
C. frames
D. layers

C. Data is sent in discrete chunks called frames. Networks use frames to keep any one NIC from hogging the wire.


Which MAC address begins a frame?
A. Receiving system
B. Sending system
C. Network
D. Router

A. The frame begins with the MAC address of receiving NIC, followed by the MAC address of the sending NIC, followed, in turn, by type of encapsulated data, the data, and FCS.


A frame ends with a special bit called the frame check sequence (FCS). What does the FCS do?
A. Cycles data across the network
B. Verifies that the MAC addresses are correct
C. Verifies that the data arrived correctly
D. Verifies that the IP address is correct

C. The data is followed by a special bit of checking information called the frame check sequence, which the receiving NIC uses to verify that the data arrived correctly.


Which of the following is an example of a MAC address?
A. 0-255
B. 00-50-56-A3-04-0C

B. A MAC address is a 48-bit value, and no two NICs ever share the same MAC address ever. 00-50-56-A3-04-0C is a MAC address. Answer D ( is an IP address.


Which layer of the TCP/IP model controls the segmentation of reassembly of data?
A. Application layer
B. Presentation layer
C. Session layer
D. Transport layer

D. The Transport layer controls the segmentation and reassembly of data.


Which layer of the OSI seven-layer model keeps track of a system's connections to send the right response to the right computer?
A. Application layer
B. Presentation layer
C. Session layer
D. Transport layer

C. The Session layer keeps track of a system's connections to ensure that it sends the right response to the right computer.


Name all 7 of the OSI model layers.

7. Application (All)
6. Presentation (People)
5. Session (Seem)
4. Transport (To)
3. Network (Need)
2. Data Link (Data)
1. Physical (Processing)


Name all 4 TCP/IP model layers.

4. Application (Application, Presentation, Session)
3. Transport (Transport)
2. Internet (Network)
1. Link (Data Link, Physical)