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Give one reason for the change in attitudes towards each of the below:
- Marriage
-Family life

Of the below:
- More sex before marriage
- More cohabiting rather than marriage
- Average marital age has increased
- Most marriages not in a church
- Divorce is acceptable
- More single parents and re-constituted families
- More children have parents that aren't married
- Homosexuals now have the right to civil partnerships
- Society treats homosexuals the same as heterosexuals


Give two reasons for the attitude change toward cohabitation and marriage.

Any two of the below:
- effective contraception allows easier sex before marriage
- Fewer people going to church and so aren't encouraged to keep sex for marriage
- Media made cohabitation and sex outside marriage look respectable and so it became popular


Give two reasons for the attitude change toward divorce.

Any two of the below:
- New laws, divorce > cheap + easy
- Female independence meant women could support themselves
- People were less likely to be married for their whole lives
- Increased equality for women meant women were no longer prepared to accept unequal treatment (domestically)


Give two reasons for the attitude change toward family life.

Any two of the below:
- Popularity of cohabitation, more families where parents aren't married
- increase in divorce = increase in cohabitation and re-constituted families
- Women in employment using grandparents for childcare


Give two reasons for the attitude change toward homosexuality.

Any two of the below:
- Changes in the law > openly homosexual and more awareness
- Medical research showing homosexuality is natural
- Media and celebrities accepting gay people
- Work of gay rights organisations leading to more acceptance