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What did Chaney want to find out?

If behavioural reinforcement could be applied in a health setting.


How were the participants recruited?

Parents of the children recruited by their GP or paediatrician.


How did Chaney find out information about the children's current inhaler?

Gave parents questionnaire's before the study asking about current inhalers.


How long were they given the Funhaler for?

The parents were given the funhaler for 2 weeks with the instructions that they had to use it with the child.


What was the Funhaler designed to do?

It was designed as an incentive for children to use their inhaler more frequently to manage their asthma.


What was included in the Funhaler to help keep the children interested?

A spinning disc and a whistle which was activated when child exhaled.


Outline the participants of Chaney's study.

-32 children
-From Australia
-Aged between 1.5 and 6 years
-22 boys and 10 girls
-All had asthma for an average of 2.2 years


What percentage of children used their inhaler the day before when asked compared with the Funhaler?

-For the normal inhaler, 59%
-For the Funhaler, 81%


What percentage of children achieved four or more breath deliveries with their inhaler compared with the Funhaler?

-For the normal inhaler, 50%
-For the Funhaler, 80%


What percentage of parents successfully medicated their child always with the inhaler compared with the Funhaler?

-For the normal inhaler, 10%
-For the Funhaler, 73%


What do the results conclude?

The results conclude that the Funhaler led to an increase in use, and correct use.