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What are the 6 processes a nurse can use to help the client clarify their values

List alternatives- make sure they are aware of alts and ask them if they considering something different
Examine possible consquences of choices- Make sure they know the possible results of each action
Choose freely- Determine if they chose their choice freely by asking "Did you have any say in that decision
Feelings about the choice- some clients feel unsatisfied with their decision, you could ask how they feel about their decision
affirm the choice- Ask "how will you discuss this with others?
act with a pattern- To determine whether the client consistently behaves this way Ask "how many times have you done that before"


What is the function of a moral framework?

To develop explanations for their ethical decisions and actions and in discussing problem situations with others


What are the three types of moral theories?

Consequences, Principles and duties, and relationships


What is consequence-based (teological) theories?

Look to the outcomes of an action in judging whether that action is right or wrong


What is utilitarianism?

A form of consequentialist theory, views a good act as one that is the most useful
Also called utility


What is principles-based (deontological) theories?

involve logical and formal processes and emphasize individual rights, duties, and obligations


What are relationships-based (caring) theories?

stress courage, generosity, commitment, and the need to nurture and maintain relationships


What is moral distress?

When a nurse is conflicted between obligations to the client, the family, and the employer


What is the 4A's to Rise Above Moral Distress

Ask- whether signs of moral distress are present
Affirms- commitment to addressing the distress
Assess- the sources and severity of distress
Acts- to implement a plan to reduce the distress


What is the purpose of the nursing codes of ethics

help the public understand the conduct and standards of pro nursing
Show the public its commitment
Outline the major ethical considerations
Provide ethical standards for behavior
Guide the profession in self-regulation
Remind nurses of the special responsibility they have for caring for the sick


What is active euthanasia?

Bring client's death directly, with or without client consent (ie. giving lethal medication)


What is assisted suicide?

Giving clients the means to kill themselves if they request it


What states allow assisted suicide?



What is passive euthanasia?

withdrawing or withholding life-sustaining therapy, withdrawal of life support, allowing patient to die of the underlying medical condition