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What is Procrastination and why is it a bad habit?

* It is putting off until tomorrow what you can do today.
* It is a destructive yet common habit that can lead to a host of unwanted problems.


What is perfectionism and why is it unhealthy?

* It is a compulsion to do things perfectly.
* Sometimes this can be a good thing, however it can also interfere with getting the job done in a timely manner.


Why is it important to have a Game Plan?

* It is the conscious act of planning your life, instead of just letting things happen.
* Having a game plan can help better prepare you for whatever goals you have set for yourself.


Name at least 5 rules for success in the classroom.

* Attend all classes.
* Arrive for class early.
* Have all necessary materials ready.
* Listen attentively to your instructor.
* Highlight important points.
* Take notes for later review.
* Pay close attention during summary and review sessions.
* When something is not clear, ask questions to gain a better understanding.


List at least 5 guidelines for success.

* Build self-esteem
* Visualize your success
* Build on your strengths
* Learn from your mistakes
* Define Success for yourself
* Practice your presentation skills
* Develop good networking skills
* Keep your personal life separate from your work.
* Keep your energy up.
* Respect others
* Stay productive


Why is Motivation and Self-Management important?

Motivation propels you to do something; Self-Management is a well-thought-out process to achieve what you want in the long term.


Why is it important to NOT be self-critical?

Criticism blocks the creative mind from exploring ideas and discovering solutions to challenges.


Why shouldn't you depend on others for motivation?

Inspiration may come from many sources, but tapping into your own creativity is the best way to manage your success.


List Where, When, and How can you establish good study habits.

* Establish a comfortable, quiet spot where you can study uninterrupted.
* Have everything you need before studying.

* Start by estimating how much study time you need.
* Study when you feel most energetic and motivated.
* Be creative and take advantage of any down time that is available.

* Study sections of a chapter at a time, instead of all at once.
* Make note of key words and phrases.
* Test yourself on each section.
* Try audio recordings of your lessons.


What is a Mission Statement?

Established the values that an individual or institution lives and works by, as well as future goals.


What are Goal Settings?

It is the identification of long-term and short-term goals that help you decide what you want out of your life.