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normal accident

an accident that occurs inevitably although unpredictably because of the complexity of modern technologies


risk society

a society in which technology distributes environmental dangers among all categories of the population, although to varying degrees


technological determinism

the belief that technology is the main factor shaping human history


environmental racism

the tendency to heap environmental dangers on the disadvantaged, and especially on disadvantaged racial minorities


collective action

occurs when people act in unison to bring about or resist social, political, or economic change


social movement

a collective attempt to change all or part of a political or social order by means of rioting, petitioning, striking, demonstrating, and/or establishing pressure groups, unions, and political parties


relative deprivation

an intolerable gap between the social rewards people receive and the social rewards they expect to receive


breakdown theory

suggests that social movements emerge when traditional norms and patterns of social


solidarity theory

holds that social movements are social organizations that emerge when potential members can mobilize resources, take advantage of new political opportunities, and avoid high levels of social control by authorities


resource mobilization

the process by which social movements crystallize because of the increasing organizational, material, and other resources of movement members


political opportunities

chances for collective action and social movement growth that occur during election campaigns, when influential allies offer support to insurgents, when ruling political alignments become unstable, and when elite groups become divided and conflict with one another


frame alignment

the process by which individual interests, beliefs, and values become congruent and complementary with the activities, goals, and ideology of a social movement