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Give three reasons why family life is important to Catholics.

1) It is taught in the Bible and CCC
2) Catholic marriage refers to bringing up a family as one of the key purposes
3) Family was created by God


Describe four ways in which catholic parishes help with the upbringing of children.

1) SUPPORTING THE LOCAL CATHOLIC SCHOOLS- teaching children right from wrong and helps fulfil parents marital promises
2) RUNNING SACRAMENT CLASSES - holy communion and confirmation, helping parents with the catholic upbringing of their children
3) RUNNING CHILDREN'S LITURGIES - to allow parents time alone with God in mass
4) RUNNING YOUTH CLUBS - children are kept off the streets


How do catholic parishes help to keep families together? (Give 4 points)

Any 4 of the below:
- Welcoming families to worship together
- The priest offering help and advice for family problems
- Homilies at mass encouraging and strengthening family values
- Providing leaflets on how to deal with family problems
- Providing financial support and links to Catholic family charities