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Research on the effects of unemployment has shown that it is often followed by deterioration in ______________________.

Mental and physical health.


Lazarus and Folkman (1984) distinguished between two coping strategies for dealing with job loss - ____________-focused and _______________-focused.

  • Problem
  • Symptom


___________________-focused strategies involve managing or modifying the problem that is causing stress; this may include in engaging in job search activities, obtaining additional training to develop new marketable skills, or moving to a location that has better job opportunities.



_________________-focused strategies (also known as _____________-focused strategies) involve regulating one's emotional response to the stressful event through, for instance, venting of feelings, denial, or disengagement.

  • Symptom
  • Emotion


The consequences of downsizing for survivors has been linked to several factors including the degree to which _________________________ are used during the layoff process and whether survivors interpret downsizing as a violation of the "______________________," which refers to the beliefs that employees have about the unwritten contract between themselves and their employer.

  • Fair and compassionate procedures
  • "Psychological contract"