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What is lung volume?

Lung volume refers to how much air the lungs can hold. The greater the volume of the lungs the more they can hold.


What is Tidal Volume?

Tidal Volume refers to the amount of air inhaled and exhaled in the average breath.


What is vital Capacity?

Vital Capacity is the amount of air the lungs can expire after after the maximum they can inspire.


Why is your breathing shallower and slower during rest?

Your breathing is shallower and slower during rest because of the smaller demand for energy. Therefore less air containing oxygen needs to be breathed in.


How can you improve your lung functions and volumes?

Diaphragmatic breathing can also help improve the functions of lungs as well as the different amounts of air it can hold.


How can you strengthen your diaphragm?

Diaphragmatic breathing is a the of breathing that helps strengthen your diaphragm.