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What do parents using formula need to know?

No need to follow on
all brands are similar and mostly made of cows milk
information on preparing and sterilising
cows milk from 1 year
responsive bottle feeding


What reflexes are present in a healthy baby at birth?

Rooting reflex
Sucking reflex
swallowing reflex


Name 5 breast feeding positions.

cradle hold
cross cradle hold
Lying on your side
football hold
laid back


What is the suck swallow pattern of a breastfeed?

Beginning of feed is short rapid sucks
Active feed is long, slow, rhythmic sucking and swallowing, with pauses
End of feed- flutter sucking with occasional


What are some responsive bottle feeding tips?

Feeding baby when they show signs of being hungry- feeding cues
Hold baby close in a semi upright position- looking into their eyes and talking to them whilst they feed
Gently insert teat into baby's mouth
Follow cues for when baby needs a break or has had enough


What are some early feeding cues?

mouth opening
turning head
hand in mouth
sucking sound


How do you know there is effective attachment?

Chin touching the breast
Mouth wide open
Cheeks full and rounded
More areola visible above top lip
baby rhythmically takes long sucks and swallows
Feeding is pain free although first few sucks may feel strong


What does CHIN stand for?

Baby is close to mum
Head is free
baby should be inline
nose to nipple