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why brand

the combinations of emotions, relationships, lifestyles an devalues allow brand owners to charge a premium for products otherwise indistinguishable from others


emotional components to a brand

Grewal & Levy 2015
affection, passion, connection


relationships with the brand

self concept - linked to identity
nostalgic - link to past self
interdependence - daily routine
love - emotional bonds of warmth


What great brands do

Barwise & Meehan 2010
1. clear customer promise
2. build trust
3. improve on promise
4. innovate beyond familiar


Engagement Model

Rapport 2007
high relevance of brands to consumers and the development of an emotional connection between the consumer and brand


pros and cons of social media & brand

Barwise and Meehan 2010
PROS: boost brand awareness and gain authentic consumer insight
CONS: rapid rise of witch hunts due to defective products - have to be ready for this



Fournier and Avery 2011
consumers who serve as creators and disseminators of branded content
online this is youtube, Facebook, wikipedia


Digital v Social Strategy

Piskorski 2013
digital: helps broadcast commercial messages and seek customer feedback to facilitate market and sell goods and services
social: helps people improve existing relationships and build new ones if they do free work on the company's behalf


why we need a social digital strategy

Piskorski 2013
it strengthens the brands and prioritizes the social needs of the consumer - Memes


brand communities def

Fournier & Lee 2009
a group of ardent customers organized around the lifestyle, activities and ethos of the brand - it is a business strategy and seeks to serve the community members


3 types of brand communities

pools: strong associations of shared activities or goals (democrat or republican)
webs: people have strong 1 to 1 relationships with others with similar needs (Facebook)
hubs: strong connection with the central figure and weaker ones with others (Oprah)


the rise of crowdculture

Holt 2016
social media allows dense communities to form from traditionally fringe society which allows for intensive collaboration where it was once distributed from the mainstream (Drake and Grime - became a thing and Then drake jumped on it)


cultural branding steps

1. map the cultural orthodoxy
2. locate the cultural opportunity
3. target crowdculture
4. diffuse the new ideology
5. innovate continuously


MVP def

Naylor et al 2012
mere virtual presence refers to how due to social media, consumers of a brand can see the photos of other s in the brand community (something some brands actively encourage by asking consumers to post pictures to instagram in clothes and tag)


best strategy for MVP

Naylor et al found that consumers are more likely to buy if they see those similar to themselves with the product, so brands should actively monitor sites and take down underside MVP - ethical question..


brand showcase example

super bowl - latest big-budget commercials
a 30 second TV ad costs $5m
relevance is key - 17% of all Super Bowl ads directly mentioned immigration in 2017


brand ideals example Nike

Nike builds a community of followers, uses aspiration and positivity associated with the brand to distill their message
they understand the aims and mentality of instagram users and the network's aesthetic
Nike ID you can design your own shoes and pick an insta photo to use as the backdrop and post on insta with the hashtag


tiffany brand

symbolizes love, color is iconic
blue box would have lost magic if they dropped quality and price
the gift box is an icon and powerful brand messenger
emotional connection- feeling of love


failed consumer connection

budweiser - perfect beer for removing now from your vocabulary for the night - immediate social media backlash


successful consumer connection

Target acceptance letter
video of high school seniors opening letters from colleges and packaging the best ones - animated reaction of teens being accepted to coulee is authentic and emotional - coupled it to commitment to education and announced increase in educational donations
Good advertisement as parents buy college stuff from target


brand community example

originally canadian - sell yoga apparel
have educators not salespeople
offer free yoga and running classes within the area
the London Oxford Street one has a floor with the space dedicated to beanbags to chill out, healthy cafe with drinks, yoga classes and products on outside
advertising focuses on spirituality, lifestyle rather than actual product


Cultural Branding Example

Jack Daniels
in the 1950s whiskies were competing to be upscale and masculine using the ideal of the day - the sophisticated modern corporate executive
JD tried to mimic national brands and failed
Instead, pursued a cultural-branding approach: Cold War affected American's perception of masculinity and the corporate executive was too sedentary - Public became drawn to the gunslinging rugged individuals od the old west, with enormous popularity of Western Films
JD was int he rural region of tennessee that the mass media portrayed as the land of hillbillies, but it was the last authentic pocket of the frontier
whiskey offered a great potential as a symbol of the ideology of the frontier - became the aspirational whiskey among men


MVP example

free people encourages consumers to tag photos and then picks which ones will be at the bottom of their online website - mostly stick the the image of the wandering, yogi who explores the world, is a bit rugged but mostly pretty and quirky